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Upcoming Events 


Monthly Program November 2014


Sunday, 9th November 2014

2:00 – 4:00 PM

Mount Street Community House

8, Mount Street, Glen Waverly 3150

 Segment  Presented by  Time* 
 Sandhai -Thiruneduntandagam  All participants  14:00 – 14:30 
 Swami Desikan’s Paanar-Muni Vaahana bOgam  Smt. Geeta Sarathy  14:30 – 15:10 
 Maamunigal’s tribute to Devarajan-Devaraja Mangalam  Sri. Surender  15:10 – 15:50 
 Sathumurai & Prasadam  All participants  15:50 – 16:00 





Children Program
Every Sunday

02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Divyaprabandham Santhai
Every Sunday
(Except 2nd)
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM


Every 2nd Sunday
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM*

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(*Timings may vary. Please contact for exact timings.)


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   The Vedic Society of Victoria Inc 

Thanks everyone for their support


for the main event 2014


Sri U Ve Nagai Mukundan’s 2014 Australia Tour



Lectures are in Tamil


VENUE: St. Scholastica Community Centre,

348 Burwood Hwy, Bennettswood, VIC 3125.

Melway: 61 D6


Friday 10th October, 7 – 9pm  RāmāyanamAvāthaara Mahimai
Saturday 11th October, 7 – 9pm  Mahābhāratam – Krishnan Thoodu
Sunday 12th October, 5 – 7pm           Krishnam Vandē Jagathgurum

VENUE: Laverton Community Hub,

95 – 105 Railway Avenue, Laverton, VIC 3028.

Melway: 53 D10


                                     Saturday 11th October, 10 – 11:30am:         Thiruvadi Soodiya Thirumudi


 இடம்: செயின்ட் ஸ்காலசஸ்டிக் சமூக மையகூடம், 348, பர்வூட் ஹைவே, பென்னேட்ஸ்வூட், விக்டோரியா (Melway: 61 D6)


10-அக்டோபர் மாலை 7 – 9  : வெள்ளிக்கிழமை

இராமாயணம் - அவதார மகிமை

11-அக்டோபர் மாலை 7 – 9  : சனிக்கிழமை

மகாபாரதம் - கண்ணன் தூது

12-அக்டோபர் மாலை 5 – 7  : ஞாயிற்றுக்கிழமை

கிருஷ்ணம் - ஜகத்குரு வந்தனம்

 இடம் : லாவர்டன் சமூக மையகூடம், 95 – 105 ரெயில்வே அவென்யு லாவர்டன் விக்டோரியா (Melway: 53 D10)

11-அக்டோபர் காலை 10 – 11:30: சனிக்கிழமை

திருவடி சூடிய திருமுடி

For Donations & Sponsorship, contact:  Mohan Chari 0412 960 430, Geetha Rangarajan  0401 723 557, 
Ravi Ganesh 0409 869 601
   Paddy Padmanabhan  0411 964 977,  Kasturi Rangan  0421 616 033

   Event Sponsorship Rates

Donor - Day Sponsor

Ø        Morning Talks A$ 150

 Ø         Evening Talks A$ 350

Ø         Full Day (Morning & Evening) A$ 500

Ø         Donor- Part-Sponsor for the Series A$ 1000

Ø         Donor- Prasadam Sponsor (per day) A$ 200

             Payments can be made directly to the Society’s bank

                      Account as per details below:

Name: The Vedic Society of Victoria Inc

Bank: Commonwealth Bank BSB: 063 225 A/c: 1034 9183

Sri D. Mukundan affectionately referred to as Nagai Mukundan in religious and literary circles, is a class apart among contemporary Upanyasakars.  Nagai Mukundan spreads the message of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata in Tamil, and is able to reach out to large audiences. His talks are in unadulterated, lucid Tamil, and this style endears him to both learned and lay Tamil speaking audiences. So popular are his lectures that they attract audiences of all ages. He has received awards from several Sabhas and Sangams in Chennai, Nagai, Salem, Bangalore, Colombo and Kuala Lumpur, to name a few.  In 2000, he was conferred the title “Kalaimamani” by the Government of Tamil Nadu. He has also received the State Government award for Literary and Religious discourses.  Although his favourite epic is the Ramayana, he is famous for his dramatic rendition of Villi Bharatam [Mahabharata].  He has released several religious cassettes and CDs on a range of topics. He has given hundreds of discourses on the Mahabharata (Villi Bharatham), Tiruppavai etc on several TV channels.  He has also given upanyasams in Singapore, London, Paris, Colombo, Kuala Lumpur, Lusaka, Kuwait and the US.  He has been trained in religion and the Vedanta by his Guru "Pulavar Thilakam" Keeran, a great orator with a soul stirring voice.